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 Stuckey Timberland, Inc. was founded by  W.S. Stuckey,Sr., founder of the "Stuckey" road side stores.

Stuckey Timberland, Inc. (STI) is a privately owned company which was incorporated in 1956. STI currently owns and manages timberland and real estate assets predominantly in the middle Georgia area. Prior to the early 1990's STI owned extensive farmland and provided professional forestry consulting services. Currently, our primary business is growing and selling timber from company lands.

All corporate timberlands are certified under the American Tree Farm System. STI believes all those entrusted with the management of our great natural resources should use proven scientific methods to manage in a sustainable manner. Our timbered resources, and the environment in which they grow, should be sustained for current and future generations.

STI's timber management goal is to produce a stand with more than 80% solid wood products at final harvest. Silvicultural decisions are made at the stand level in order to meet this final harvest goal. Management techniques are continually refined based on new technology and ever changing markets.

As buyers and sellers of timberland and real estate, STI is currently looking for and acquiring timberland and real estate throughout the Southeastern United States.  Additionally, STI has several timberland and real estate tracts for sale in middle and south Georgia. 

The current office staff of STI is as follows:

Wade B. Hall
Shane Rogers
Ken D. Eason
Debbie Daniels
Tonya Mitchell


Stuckey Timberland, Inc. in business since 1956
P.O. Box 577  Eastman, Ga. 31023  Phone (478) 374-4776
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Trees provide fresh air to breath; shelters for living; food for sustenance; wood for heating; paper for every day life; homes for wildlife; shade for energy efficiency; etc... Trees make our lives better and Trees Grow Jobs!

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Our professional staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the land and timber business.